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In this frenetically paced, Internet and mobile phone digitally driven world , there are still people with a business and a passion who are often under the unrelenting pressure to create written content for their websites, blogs and other marketing material.  Most of these hardworking people often don’t have the time, talent or desire to get their thoughts on paper and/or onto the web even though they know deep, down inside  that it will definitely bring in new customers or clients.

While traditional offline copy can have just as much impact on bringing in new business, in this new world of inbound marketing effective and compelling content written for the  internet can be measured,  ROI (return on investment) tracked and results quantified which makes the statement true that on the internet “compelling content is currency“!

As small business owners, who are feeling the pressure that this technological “brave new world” has somehow added yet another hat to their marketing responsibilities that of being a publisher building your business is not getting easier.  Often, the most difficult obstacle to overcome is the time it takes to concept ideas, research, write and edit.

To solve this problem, people and organizations often turn to those of us in the writing industry who help them polish what they’ve already written, construct their ideas using transcripts or notes, or even create something from scratch after reading their marketing materials. And with that said, there are those of us who understand and enjoy some of those technology developments and can combine the skill of writing for both humans and the inevitable, constantly changing search engines.  Is it an exact science? By no means, but it’s getting pretty close.

And that of course,  is where I come in…

I started writing web content and offline copy writing projects in 2006 as a freelance part-time moonlighting job mostly writing for real estate and technology businesses.  I began with article marketing, blog posts, some PPC ad writing and article writing for the local newspaper for my initial client’s content marketing needs.

At the time I was involved, in technology instruction and coordination for a large school district in the Los Angeles area often writing RFPs (Request for Proposals) or authoring instructional materials for our K-12 technology program implementation and various Teacher Training projects. As part of my job tasks, I had to interact with outside Technology Vendors in order to implement most of the technology projects that were assigned to me. My sales and marketing chops come from assisting in marketing Real Estate and would you believe, a start up internet sales group in car sales!  Regardless,  I continued diligently with my freelance writing but only with a few clients as I juggled  them around my full time job.

As I acquired more clients, I have added social media content and additional writing tasks to my skill set arsenal. I learned that writing for search engines and internet users required a whole new set of skills than offline writing; a delicate balancing act that  many small business marketers do not understand but can  learn just as I did.

To my surprise, I found out I was garnering success at writing and furthermore, I actually enjoyed the challenge that seo copywriting poses—writing to get interested readers and yet being able to track the metrics of one’s success via Google Analytics and other similar software tools.










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