7 Reasons Why Your Blog Should Be the Hub of Your Content Strategy

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Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves the use of a variety of content such as blog posts, email, newsletters, social media posts, etc., as a means of reaching and communicating with your target market in order to elicit a positive and profitable customer action.

In a recent study, Emarketer found that strategic content marketing goals have been planned for the coming year by many in-house marketing staff and agencies.  “Among in-house marketers, 55% said they were planning a content marketing strategy, as did 58% of agencies.”

Top 5 Forms of Content

The study found that the top five most popular forms of content are:

  • email newsletters at 50%
  • social posts and updates at 45%
  • blog posts at 36%
  • video content at 31%
  • news and feature articles on own site at 29%

Other forms of content that was addressed in the study as viable traffic drawing content were press releases, white papers, webinars, infographics, print magazines, mobile apps and ebooks.

There is a reason that these marketers are actively improving and diversifying their content and that’s because they are getting good to outstanding results with the content they produce.

But suppose, I had you take a look at your content in a different way.  With a well thought out and strategic plan, a savvy, small business owner can create a content strategy that will make their website or business blog a valuable customer magnet as well.

Perhaps, it won’t happen at the speed that larger corporations can achieve because they have huge budgets to allocate to this task, but it doesn’t mean that your business blog can’t achieve similar web traffic attracting results.

Let’s take this idea further…How would you like to have a  new sales staff immediately added to your business?  Your own  team of competent men or women tirelessly working around the clock each and every day 24/7, 365 days out of the year?  A team of salespeople who never forget to make any selling point or any closing argument?

This is the powerful tool at your disposal when you utilize your business blog or website as your sales team.  And with quality published blog posts and landing pages, that answer the questions your customer or clients are asking, your website or business blog becomes the center or  hub  for your online marketing.  Here are the reasons why…

 1.  You Own Your Website and You Have Control of the Content

 Although Facebook, Linked In and Twitter are great platforms for social media interaction, they should ideally be the spokes of your content not the center.  All these social media platforms often change their guidelines and it can leave you at their mercy.  Not so, when you own your own website and can control all aspects of your website’s development and content strategy.  These social media platforms  will be the extension of your website or business blog. You use your business blog or website to sell your USP or unique selling proposition.

2.  Attract a Target Audience

You can draw internet searchers who are interested in your specific product or service.  Yes, there will be a lot of tire kickers but for the most part with a properly seo optimized website or blog and quality content, you will be found by those who are specifically looking for what you have to offer.

 3. You Can Answer Your Customer’s Frequently Asked Questions

Customers may have many questions when they come to your site or blog, they arrived to your website because they were searching for an information or an answer to their problem.  Your business blog or website is the place where you can effectively answer all the specific questions related to what you offer with a variety of well written content.  You will be able to show the reader how to avoid, reduce or eliminate problems by using your product or service.   The facts and details you provide in your content will solidify your reader’s conviction about your product or service and your website or business blog will provide that information to prospective clients or customers 24/7

 4.  You Can Build Effective Backlinks

If you concentrate on building great content, you improve the likelihood that your content is shared on other websites, potential customer emails and other social media.  All these links scattered throughout the web will boost your website or blog’s ranking as a trusted resource. This is a definite positive seo friendly tactic.

 5.  Create Shareable Content to Boost Social Media Traction

Your business blog will be the place to encourage your readers to share your content via popular social media buttons.  With your content distributed throughout the web, a prospective customer is led back to your website to evaluate your offer on social media websites unrelated to your business blog.  As visitors interact with your content via comments or by other means, this form of communicating will allow you to target your answers to allay the concerns of future potential customers and other website visitors. If you dedicate yourself to creating awesome content, you may be lucky enough to have content you create go viral.

 6.  Grow Your Opt-in Email list

Make sure your buzz piece or offer is attractive to your readers and you will be able to compile an opt-in email list that will be a targeted list of customers who are interested in your product or service.   You can continue that relationship with your database of satisfied customers or potential customers who might be interested in what you have to offer in the future.  You can target and customize your offers to specific buyer personas so that their email boxes are not littered with broad messages they do not have any interest in.

 7.  Track and Measure Your Results

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, there are many analytic software tools that will allow you to track who is visiting your website, what content they are spending the most time with, and which content they are sharing most.  Using a powerful software tool like Google Analytics or other data tracking tool, you will be able to track and see which content (your sales force) is bringing in the greatest web traffic and which content is converting into clients and customers.  You will be able to compile data that will help you direct and make decisions on how you will strategically build the content on your website as you market to your target audience.

These awesome results won’t necessarily happen overnight but with some strategic planning,  testing of content, and speedy execution,  the positive results will far outweigh the negative.

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