What do Google Contextual Ads Look Like?

google contextual ad unit xomba

If you have been on the internet for any length of time, you have often seen Google contexual ads, but probably did not not know their official name, as you were likely online to search for information that interested you.  In the figure above,  I have posted one of my articles, written for a content sharing website, and have highlighted  the google adsense contextual ad unit or google ad unit as they  are often referred to.  Notice that the highlighted ad unit has ads related to the article that was written and usually are comprised of text only.

Although, as the internet develops a  variety of picture banner ads have become more popular.  You have probably seen these types of ads in a variety of websites that you have visited.  See the image below.

In addition, you will often find google contextual ads on the right hand side of Google search pages as seen in the image below.  These ads usually comprise what is known as PPC or Pay-per-click advertising, which is a whole other topic that will be addressed in future blog posts. It’s good to keep in mind, however, that these types of paid ads are what viewers click on when they click on ads next to articles or blog posts you may have written for adsense revenue sharing sites such as eHow, Hubpages, Infobarrel or Hubpages.  The text or picture ads usually link you directly to the advertiser’s site or landing page.

google contextual ads on search

As stated in a previous post, when a potential reader goes to your article and happens to click on the ad (highlighted in red) in the above image, this is where you  and the content sharing website you have posted your article to will earn google adsense money.


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