What Are Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites?

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Adsense revenue sharing sites are websites that allow writers to submit articles on whatever topic they want to write about,   (such as Hubpages, Squidoo and Xomba).

The articles you have written are posted on the content sharing website  and the way a writer makes money is by sharing google adsense revenue with the website owner.  Each website has it’s own sign up policy (usually free), editorial and posting guidelines that as a writer you will have to adhere to in order to join, post articles and earn money.

They also vary in what type of revenue sharing program they have; some just provide google adsense earnings and others include additional sources of revenue such as Amazon, Chitika and Kontera earnings.  The way you (the writer) will make money depends not on how many views your article gets, but on how many people click on the contextual ads or picture or graphic ads displayed next to your article.  Obviously, the more traffic you get to your article or post,  the more potential clicks you may get and therefore, the more you will potentially earn.

Content sharing websites are a popular  business model, so much so, that there are many content sharing websites coming online on the web, some reputable and others not so much–you will want to be aware of these less than reputable  websites and avoid them altogether.

In my opinion, it helps to stick to major content sharing sites that have a good reputation, quality standards, great Google ranking and/or Alexa ranking.  This is a great place to develop a small revenue stream but it’s not the place to establish yourself as a professional writer.

In addition,  you might want to look at the type of  revenue sharing program they have.  They also should have a good revenue sharing split, usually expressed in a percentage, say 60%/40% for example.  This means that if a site offers 60% revenue sharing, 6 times out of 10 your google adsense affiliate code will be featured in the ads next to your content. The other 4 times the hosting sites’ code will feature.

You receive 100% of the value of any click when your code is featured, 0% when the site’s code is in place.  Some sites offer 100% adsense revenue sharing, which means that they make their money from other advertising programs to cover their marketing and overhead costs.

Keep in mind though, that the internet and search engine rules often change and so do content sharing websites and their business practices. (One good example, of a major SEO change is the 2011 Google Panda update which damaged the keyword rankings of many “content farms” or adsense revenue sharing sites.)

So,  you will need to be aware of this fact and keep abreast of seo industry changes and their potential impact, so that you can build a steady stream of passive income on the best content sharing websites.

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