3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Reviewing Adsense Writing or Content Sites


So, you’ve read a blog post or found a website that convinced you that you can make money submitting articles online and you know that you can make a great part time income on adsense content sharing sites like Hubpages or Squidoo. That’s a great first step, but before you get ready to set up your account and start writing and submitting your articles, you should take a look at the following points so that you can avoid the three mistakes most newbie or beginning article writers make.

1)    Not checking the website’s reliability, page rank and adsense revenue share.

Why is this important? Many content sharing sites are great tools for earning money but they vary in value based on what authority value they have with Google. If you do not check the page rank of each website, it will reduce the chances that your article will even be found on the internet.  Google assigns a page rank to websites with a number from between 1-10, a page rank over 5 is good and anything higher than that is better, for example Xomba has a page rank of 4 and Flixya has a page rank of 5.

As for google adsense share, websites vary on how much of the adsense revenue they will share with their content writers, Xomba offers a 50/50 split while Flixya offers 100 percent of adsense earnings.  You may still want to write for Xomba or other similar sites, because they may offer programs that others don’t but you should have at least found out  this information before you sign up.

2)    Not reading the editorial guidelines or website’s guidelines about backlinks.

Each adsense content sharing site has their own guidelines and policies as to what is acceptable on their site and for all their site’s article submissions, including whether they will accept back links and how many.  It’s a good idea that you get familiar with the particular site’s policies that you are writing for, as your article may be rejected because you sent in an article that was 300 words when the site you submitted to only accepts articles of 400 words or more.  Most reputable content sharing websites have forums or information on their websites so that as a beginner you get solid information about the website’s requirements.

3)    Not taking advantage of other revenue sharing programs

As stated earlier, all content sharing websites are not exactly the same.  They may have some similarities but differ in the earning programs they offer or how they split the earnings with you.  For example, some websites like Hubpages, offer several programs for earning money on your submitted articles than just basic google adsense sharing revenue.  They include Amazon, Ebay, and Kontera earnings. You will have to apply to all these programs as an affiliate in order to make money; however, you should at least be aware that these programs exist and you can add these earnings to your submitted articles.


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