5 Quick Tips to Generate Article or Blog Post Ideas


It’s a busy afternoon and you are sitting in front of your computer desktop or laptop, and are just stumped because you can’t think of anything to write for your next article or blog post.

You know what your niche is and you have studied your relevant keywords but you can’t seem to come up with a good article idea. You have a bad case of what is known in the business as writer’s block.  There is a way around this if you are willing to do a little research and follow a pre-planning trick that I learned,  an idea that will definitely boost your article writing.

You will need to keep the following steps in mind, as I explain the process:

  1.  Create a Master List of Topics based on your specific niche, striving for over 100 topics or tips. Ideally you should type this list, and save it preferably on your favorite word processing software, i.e. Microsoft Word. But you can use plain pen and paper, if that suits you.
  2. Turn the tip or topic into a question, if it is applicable.
  3.  Write two or three sentences for each tip or answer the question.
  4. Grab an idea from the list (professional fiction writers often call these writing prompts) and start writing.
  5.  Keep adding to the list whenever you get a new idea.

Here’s how the process works in action.  We will assume that your topic is Italian cooking.  Italian cooking as a subject is too broad a topic, so you will need to narrow your niche topic a little more.  Let’s suppose you decide on the niche, “low calorie Italian cooking for singles”.  With that topic you will begin to create your Master List.

  • Favorite low-calorie Italian cooking recipes for singles – Where can I find these recipes?
  • Italian Restaurants that serve portions that are perfect for singles.
  • Building a kitchen pantry just right for singles. – What do I need to buy for my pantry?
  •  Finding Italian Cooking fans online for singles – Where can I find these sites online?

And so on and so forth, keep adding ideas and forming them into questions on your niche topic.

Now for Step 3, let’s suppose I grab the tip—favorite low-calorie Italian cooking recipes for singles-Where can I find these recipes?  With a quick Google or Bing search , you can find these recipes on Eatingwell.com, some of these recipes include a recipe that looks like something I would want to write about, Gnocchi with Zucchini Ribbons and Parsley Brown Butter. You have just completed Step 3.  From here, you have enough of an idea formed that you should be able to start writing your full article.

Hopefully, you have seen how this process works and how you can apply it to your niche topic whether its auto parts, cell phones, celebrities, or puppy care.   Keep in mind to always add to this list and you will have ideas for fresh content for your articles at your fingertips!


One Response to 5 Quick Tips to Generate Article or Blog Post Ideas

  1. Dru Cortez says:

    Thanks for the likes, y’all! Hope to churn out interesting posts in the future!

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