4 Ways to Revise Your Article and Make It Pop!

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You have completed your article and reviewed it, but it either doesn’t reach the minimum word count that you were striving for or you just don’t like the flow of your article.
What can you do at this point to improve your article?  I suggest that you think, A.R.R.R. .   No, I am not suggesting that you pretend to be a pirate, but rather to recall the acronym A.R.R.R. which (your English teacher probably mentioned this formula in your high school English Composition class) stands for the “revision” stage of writing, specifically–Adding, Arranging, Removing or Replacing.
After writing your article, you are ready to revise what you have written. This step doesn’t apply to every article you write, but just to those that don’t seem to flow well when you read them. In this case, you might want to remove whole sections, rewrite entire paragraphs, and add in information which you’ve realized the reader will need to know to understand the points you have made in your article.

The following information discusses what is involved in each stage or process.


What else does the reader need to know about what you have promised in your title or headline? If you haven’t met the required word-count, what areas could you expand on? This is a good time to go back to your pre-writing notes or Master list to look for related ideas which you didn’t use.


Even when you’ve planned your piece, sections may need rearranging.  Perhaps as you wrote your article, you found that the points you have made would flow better if you reordered your paragraphs.


Sometimes, one of your ideas or topics doesn’t work out. Perhaps you’ve gone over the word count required, and you need to take out a few paragraphs or a few sentences.  Sometimes you have just added an unrelated topic or ideas to your article that can be better developed on a separate article altogether.


Would more vivid details or an interesting fact help bring your article to life? Do you need to look for stronger examples and quotations to support your argument? If a particular paragraph isn’t working, try rewriting it.  Or try adding industry information or a one or two sentence quote to support the idea.

Spending some time in the revision process and applying these principles when you write your articles will assure that your articles are more likely to be viewed and read.  On the internet, this is a goal that is definitely one internet marketers should be aiming for.  Make sure you don’t skip this step, as a well written and crafted article will provide solid information that solves your reader’s problems or answers their questions and will very likely establish you as an expert as well as increase your web traffic.


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