Article Marketing – 5 Tips to Creating a Great Article

Pen & Writing paper

Article marketing is a great tool for creating back links to your website, and its popularity as a marketing tool has varied depending on how Google and other search engines are indexing online articles.  In spite of this varying popularity and Google’s many changes, article marketing is still a solid technique that can provide you with consistent traffic for your website whether you are selling a product or service.

But many small business marketers shy away from article marketing because they claim they don’t know how to write or assume that article marketing is too time consuming.  Although some of these criticisms have some truth in them, there are solutions available that can help you to address these issues.

The following tips should give you a head start on how to create a great article that will drive traffic to your website.

1.       Keywords – Start with the best keywords to describe your product or service.  Finding the best keywords becomes the backbone of your article but you should keep your keyword density (the amount of times a keyword appears in your article) between 3% and 8% at most.  And also, try to avoid stuffing your article with keywords.  If you stuff your article with keywords, Google and the other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo will assume that you are purposely using keyword stuffing techniques.  This practice might get you into trouble with search engines and your article may be viewed as spam. The rule of thumb to follow is to use these words in a natural way and you can vary your content by using synonyms.

3.       Length –  Although 300 words is roughly about three paragraphs on a standard 8 ½ by 11 page, it usually is too short for a good article.  Most article directories prefer articles within a range of between 400 to 700 words.  This length gives you sufficient opportunity to develop your idea within one article.

4.       Summary – Although not all article directories require it, writing a good 75 to 100 word summary for your article is a great idea.  This little blurb gives your reader an idea of what to expect in your article.  It should be as well written as your keyword rich title. It is often the words that search engines display on search results.

5.       Resource Box – Here’s where you promote yourself or your business, keep this area under 100 words and strive to make this the first step to hook your customer with a strong call to action.  This is not the place to write your resume or even your whole offer, put a link to your website so you can do the selling there.


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