Approach Your Article Marketing Campaign with the Right Mindset

marathon runners

Many small businesses hear the buzz surrounding article marketing and how effective it is at creating back links and they get thoroughly excited at the prospect of gaining more potential clients or customers with this strategy.

In their excitement, they write or hire a content writer to write and submit a few articles, and are quickly dismayed because their website isn’t bringing the traffic they expected in two weeks!

Considering the fact that there are a lot of factors that make article marketing successful such as keyword choices, topics you choose to write about, length of articles, additional article directory submissions and back link building strategies, most small businesses owners err in having the wrong mindset or expectations when they begin their article marketing campaign.

While there may be businesses that will bring in huge amounts of traffic to their websites overnight or in a short period of time, just because of the type of business they are in ( debt and bankruptcy websites are a good example , or home based businesses offering  SEO and link building articles) most small businesses or solo professionals need to approach their article marketing campaign with the view or long term commitment of  an athlete running a marathon rather than a sprint.

Just as you do not approach PPC (pay-per-click advertising) with the expectation that you will only be advertising one day out of the month but rather consistently over time, a small business marketer must have the same mindset with article marketing.  To be successful, you will need to schedule yourself and adjust that pace with every new article submission and you will reap the rewards of your discipline!

Ezine Articles Website

Article writing has boosted the businesses of many small businesses for those who don’t quickly abandon it, understood the process and had the right expectations before they jumped in.  Ezine articles, and other similar article directories such as Goarticles, Article Marketer, etc., would not exist if article marketing wasn’t a boon to any online business and didn’t bring such dramatic, direct results.

To illustrate this point, a small business owner will have more effective results if he wrote 10 articles and submitted the articles over a two week period  or a month’s time rather than taking the whole set of articles and submitting them all at once.  Besides protecting you from the proverbial Google slap, with the slower submission process, he or she can test and monitor what topics and keywords will work for his or her business.  This slower paced article submission will also enable your readers or audience to get to know the quality of your content, the solutions you are providing for them and how consistently you are communicating with your audience.  This approach will establish the foundation for your article writing campaign.

In addition, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing  are constantly crawling the internet  for new and fresh content.  Their objective is to provide search results that are relevant and fresh time after time to internet users since they know that  85% of internet users search the internet for information about products and services before they buy.  As a business owner, (and that includes solopreuners as well) using this long term, consistent  approach of pacing your content submission puts you in just the right place  because you are continually adding fresh content for search engines to find.

You will want to approach your article marketing campaign with these factors in mind and know that your consistent pace (article writing and submission) will reap great results!  Remember think marathon not a sprint!


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